Ladies, have you ever opened a gift from your spouse only to be disappointed in what was given to you as a gift of love? It creates that moment of choice that every woman faces at some point in time. Do I act like I love it and never use it, or do I tell them the truth and return it? Most of the time, that gift is accepted and never sees the light of day from beyond the depths of the jewelry box. Even worse, it is rejected and leaves a feeling of disappointment and frustration on both sides.

There is an easy way to keep that awkward moment from ever happening. At The Gem Collection we offer a Wish List system that helps make those gift-giving moments special and memorable. We encourage every woman to come by the store and create a wish list that will make their loved-ones shopping experience painless and stress-free. While you are here creating your wish list we offer free jewelry cleaning and check to make sure that your jewelry is safe and beautiful. In fact, many women come as a group to create their wish list and have a ladies day out. We are always happy to open a bottle of wine to help enjoy the experience as well.

A few years back I had a woman come and thank me for encouraging her to fill out a wish list a few years ago. She proceeded to tell me that her husband had not purchased any jewelry for her in almost 20 years. Since filling out the wish list she has received jewelry on four of the last five occasions. In talking with her husband she found out that he was really hurt when he purchased a necklace for her shortly after their marriage and it was rejected. After that experience he decided to never buy her jewelry again.

The important fact to remember is that most men do not enjoy buying jewelry for their partner. This is because most men do not like purchasing things that they do not understand or desire. This creates a Fear within of being rejected or not achieving success in their selection. Could you imagine trying to pick out the perfect motorcycle for him if you knew nothing about motorcycles? It would be much easier if you went to the store and they had the exact model and style he liked on file. This would make your shopping experience easy and painless. It creates a moment of confidence and pride within knowing that you are meeting their hearts desire and creating a special moment for them.

In closing, I can assure you after 25 years in the jewelry industry that a wish list will keep men coming to treat you to your heart’s desire year after year. When you take all the stress and fear out of shopping and a guaranteed win is at hand, it makes shopping easy. We all look forward to seeing you and helping you create your wish list at The Gem Collection.

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Written by: Brian Barfield

Brian Barfield is a Senior Sales Professional who has worked in the jewelry industry for 25 years. His career accomplishments include being a two-time published author, columnist for many national retail magazines and national speaker. The Gem Collection has been his home for the past 15 years.