It’s that Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire time of year when red white and blue is all the rage!  But today – let’s talk about Rubies….

Calling all July babies!
If you were born in July, that makes you one of the lucky ones.  You have one of the most fabulous of all the birthstones.  While all birthstones are special, rubies are among the most precious, most historical and in my humble opinion, the most beautiful.  Rubies can range in color from a pinkish red to deepest crimson.  The most valued color is known as “pigeon’s blood”.  More rare than ever, large rubies of gem quality are topping the charts at auctions around the world, besting diamonds in many cases.


Ruby has been known as the gem of kings among the crown jewel set for centuries.  Usually paired with diamonds – the contrasting colors of the two gems bring out the beauty and sparkle in both.   Ruby symbolizes love, strength and passion. Now who doesn’t want to feel like a passionate and powerful princess? Hmmm?  Ruby is also the gem of choice for the 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years of marriage – Yes, I’d call ruby a symbol of strength!

The Gem Collection features a wide variety of ruby jewelry to fit your needs. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or any special occasion, ruby is the stone that says – be still my heart!

Amy’s lifetime love affair with jewelry led her to The Gem Collection eight years ago. The Gem Collection features beautiful jewelry by a number of designers, as well as custom creations and an amazing selection of estate jewelry. Amy delights in working with her customers to find just the right piece for any occasion.