Oh my gosh – it’s June already!  June is pearl month!  Not only is pearl June’s birthstone, but it is a very popular month for weddings.  And pearls, as we know, are a traditional go-to for wedding jewelry.  So if you are looking for a birthday gift this month or something for a bride or bridesmaids – pearls are a no-brainer!  The beauty and luster of white pearls make them a fashion statement whether you are turning 16, or turning 80!  From Coco Chanel to Grace Kelly to Barbara Bush, we are all familiar with the classic elegance white pearls bring to a fashion ensemble.  That said – there are other pearl gift options you may wish to explore as well….

For a look that is both bold and polished, look no further than the South Seas!  Much larger than traditional salt water pearls, South Sea Pearls come in colors from stark white to creamy white to a luscious golden.  If you want to look and feel like a master of the universe, these power pearls are just the ticket!

Not your Grandma’s pearls!

For a whole different take on pearls – check out these Tahitian beauties!  Tahitian pearls are from, you guessed it, the South Seas!  Another larger variety most are 9 to 12 mm, some can be up to 16 mm in diameter!  Commonly called “black” pearls, they actually come in many interesting shades like: peacock, silver, pistachio, aubergine and more.  Tahitian strands are often strung representing a variety of tones in the same strand (my personal favorite), or, you can get matched strands that are all the same color. In either case, Tahitian pearls tend to pick up the shades in the clothes you are wearing. They can be perfectly spherical and smooth, or for a more rock–n-roll look they can also be found in unusual shapes, often called “baroque”. Tahitian pearls are so versatile, they look beautiful with a business suit or cocktail attire, as well as shorts and a tee shirt.  Seriously, check it out!  Tahitians are a whole new take on the world of pearls!

Written by: Amy Hinson

Amy’s lifetime love affair with jewelry led her to The Gem Collection eight years ago. The Gem Collection features beautiful jewelry by a number of designers, as well as custom creations and an amazing selection of estate jewelry. Amy delights in working with her customers to find just the right piece for any occasion.