Jewelry is one of the most prevalent types of heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. These heirlooms can be engagement rings, statement necklaces or just an ornate and delicate pendant. Growing up I’d look through my mother’s jewelry box and wonder about the story behind every necklace, ring and bracelet. Where was she when she got it? Did someone give it to her? What does it remind her of when she wears it? But the most valuable ones are the two rings she was given from her mother and sister. And as a mother myself I am beginning to wonder what jewelry I will give my daughter.

Two thoughts cross my mind when I think about pieces I’d like to give to my daughter before and after my passing. First is my style. She loves the pieces I wear now but she may change her mind as she gets older. Of course, I am perfectly okay with her redesigning my jewelry to match her taste but some people may not feel the same way. It’s important to consider the possibility of the receiver altering the piece, which occasionally means parts of it being scrapped. But sometimes that’s the best part about jewelry being passed down. I’ve seen many treasured jewelry pieces redesigned into something very beautiful and unique to the wearer. And yet, the wearer still feels like they have a part of their relative or close friend with them.

Second, it’s also critical to have your priceless family jewelry inspected annually. If you are anything like a close friend of mine who never takes off her grandmother’s class ring and ankle bracelet, you risk losing the jewelry or parts of it breaking off. Wearing jewelry in the shower, pool and saltwater is never a good idea nor is wearing them while exercising. It’s crucial to have stones, prongs and links checked often to extend the life of the jewelry for future generations to enjoy.

Here at the Gem Collection, we have a lot of younger generations bring in their passed down family jewels. Sometimes they are happy with just the way they are and they only want to make sure it is clean and all stones are secure. But sometimes, their taste in jewelry doesn’t sync with what they were given and they want to alter or create a new design entirely. We can accommodate both these needs and assure that these irreplaceable jewels are in good hands.

Written by: Aurora Freeland

A proud alumni of FSU’s Retail Entrepreneur Program, Aurora is a VIP here at The Gem Collection. As our Inventory Manager, Aurora oversees our vast array of jewelry.  She has her finger on the heartbeat of customer trends and fashion.