Alex Sepkus Jewelry

Don't miss our 2016 Alex Sepkus Jewelry Show and Sale on November 17-19 at 10am-6pm. We will have an incredible selection of exquisite and artistic jewelry by renowned jewelry designer, Alex Sepkus on sale during this three day event! Each piece of Alex Sepkus jewelry is created with such incredible near-microscopic detail that no one has ever successfully duplicated an Alex Sepkus piece. An expert from the fine antique jewelry department at Christy's stated, "In 50 years, people will be fighting for these pieces at auction". If you love fine jewelry and art, you won't want to miss this amazing collection that will be on sale at The Gem Collection for three days only! To view some of our beautiful Alex Sepkus Jewelry online, please visit our online Alex Sepkus Jewelry Gallery.