Gabriel Fashion Jewelry

Gabriel Engagement Rings

Gabriel Jewelry is among the finest in the world. The exceptional craftsmen at Gabriel individually hand-craft each piece of jewelry with careful attention to detail and styling. Their Diamond selection process guarantees superior quality, as each stone is thoroughly examined by an expert gemologist. Gabriel offers a great variety of styles, to fit the unique personality of those who wear them.

The world-renowned team of Gabriel Jewelry designers and manufacturers has established a record of consistency in quality that is unsurpassed. They own and operate their manufacturing facility, guaranteeing superior quality control standards are upheld throughout the process of transforming an ordinary piece of metal or stone into an extraordinary piece of jewelry. Gabriel only uses top grade metals and certified conflict-free diamonds from legitimate sources. Each piece of jewelry is individually inspected and has a unique quality-control serial number. Gabriel & Co. takes immeasurable pride in the quality and precision of their jewelry.