Steven Battelle

What is beauty? What is Art? … Why jewelry?

How many millennia ago did a distant ancestor pick up a colored gem and decide that possessing this elemental crystal created a feeling that they wanted to maintain? That colored crystal was given a worth and became a desirable possession.

Today, there is something magical about a glittering pair of earrings framing the face as one looks across the table over dinner, or wearing a ring and glancing down causes an image of the person who gave it to appear in the mind. Precious metals and gems remain timeless.

Steven Battelle has created a unique line of handcrafted artisan jewelry utilizing unusual precious and semiprecious stones as well as authentic ancient coins set in classic designs. Inspired from bygone times, the collections range from intricate high carat granulation and wire work, to hammered 18K, and silver/gold combinations.

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